Monday, 17 March 2014

Shop news!

Hello everyone,

I just got back from a wonderful fun-filled weekend in Spain visiting Zaragoza and Madrid! I will blog about my trip soon. In the meantime I wanted to let everyone know, who has been inquiring, that I am working on an Etsy shop update for March 31st at my shop kinderland. I hope to have 6-8 hats for this update.

I have 3 different styles of hats I will be offering. There is a simple colour block hat, a single scallop hat, and a double scallop hat. The photos above show all of the hats I have made over the last two months. A number of them still feature the old pattern with the bigger scallops, but all my current designs feature my own pattern with smaller scallops! Yay!

I gifted most of the hats in the photos away to my Blythe friends in Spain, but I wanted a visual record of them all together before I gave them away. My hope is that the shop update will feature some re-makes of these as well as new colour variations.

Please check closer to the date for more updated information. Thanks for your continued support!

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