Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Hats update

For the last month, I have been busy knitting in between classes, university assignments, and part-time jobs. If you've been spending time in my company, chances are I have been knitting. If I've come over to your house for movie night, chances are I have been knitting. If you see me in the library reading art history catalogues, chances are I have been knitting. If you are my boyfriend and you have been Skyping me, chances are I have been knitting.

I was hoping to work towards a shop update by the end of February, but that obviously didn't happen. The new goal is end of March. We will see how that goes...

What I've realised is I'm actually very speedy at knitting, it's the finishing off that I hate. In fact I realised today that I have actually made more than 12 hats, but all of them were unfinished with loose ends and unsewn pom poms. So today I forced myself to sit down and do those boring bits.

A few hours later, and they are looking much happier (and tidier!). Apologies for the quick iPhone pics. I plan to take pictures of them individually with my camera later this week, and without an Instagram filter!

Most of these are trades, or gifts for friends. My mum says I am the most unbusiness-minded person she knows, because I just keep on giving away things. But that is what I love about crafts and hobbies like knitting and crochet. The joy is to make these things by hand and gift them. That being said, once I've honoured all my outstanding trades and surprise gifts, I do plan to work towards a shop update. At the very least, I need to pay off my yarn debts!

I have been working on perfecting my own scallop hat pattern, since I last blogged about it. Some of the hats you see here are still using the old pattern from Ravelry, but the more recent ones are all my own pattern.

I hope you like them!

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