Friday, 15 November 2013

Wishes are free

A few days ago I decided to make a little wish list of sorts. In the lead up to Christmas and the festive season I have to admit I have been spending a fair amount of time browsing the Internet for gift ideas. I decided to make a little mosaic of the things I have been loving lately so I can refer to them again the future. I hope you find something here you like! 

(from left to right, top to bottom)

1. Emily Green necklace - I first encountered Emily's range of beautiful handcrafted jewellery last year when I noticed them on all the arty and crafty ladies. I remember visiting Melbourne and seeing her necklaces in boutiques everywhere. I bought my first necklace from her in person at the Finders Keepers market in Melbourne earlier this year, where I felt like a kid in a candy store! Emily has a great sense for colour and coordination, two things that I love very much. You can see the care and thought she puts into her work by browsing her collection online where each necklace has its own name and particular scheme. The necklace I have pictured here is called the Whitney Big Bead which I believe was designed recently. I love the little speckles of gold in the beads.

2. Blythe Doll Skate Date - As you might have gathered, I am a Blythe doll collector. A wish list of mine wouldn't be complete without at least a Blythe in it! This particular Blythe doll is named "Skate Date" and came out a number of years ago. I am having a hard time tracking her down.

3. Atelier de Soyun knitting case - I found Soyun's beautiful Etsy shop through a post on Tumblr. She makes the most beautiful handmade knitting and crochet cases for all your tools and notions. I think they are so elegant and well made. I have recently been knitting and crocheting a lot, so something like Soyun's case would be great to keep everything tidy and in order.

4. Cambridge Satchel x Vivienne Westwood collaboration - Two of my favourite brands converge in a truly unique collaboration! Vivienne's bold designs translate so well to the timelessness of Cambridge Satchel bags. One of the first things I did when I came to London was get a Cambridge Satchel bag for university, but now I am thinking I should have waited for this special collaboration. I might go to the official shop in Covent Garden to see the bags in person.

5. Hello Kitty x T.U.K. shoes - Another truly wonderful collaboration between shoe company T.U.K. and patron saint of all things cute Hello Kitty. As I was telling my friend, I love the contrast between the 'cute' of Hello Kitty and the hardness of the creeper style shoes. Don't you know it's badass to be cute? It looks like these shoes are only coming out in America however due to a licensing issue (believe me, I emailed the UK branch) so if I want to live the cute punk life I will need to go online...

6. Catrabbit custom plush - Anyone who knows me knows my fierce devotion to all things Catrabbit. Cat is an artist/maker from Australia who basically embodies all the things I want to do with my life - which is design characters and make toys of them! This special red panda was a commission Cat made for a wedding, and I love its unique fashion sense and cute style. Don't tell my boyfriend but next year I will be commissioning Cat to make some special toys for us ;)

7. Camilla toy by MforMonkey - Mary is a lovely and sweet lady who not only designs the most adorable clothes for Blythe dolls, but she has also made her own line of very cute toys known as Camille. She has made bats, bears, foxes, rabbits, mice... What is incredible about her Camilla toys, other than their perfect articulation and design, is that each of them has a completely OOAK and unique hand painted expression. They remind me greatly of the bunka doll tradition in Japan in that manner.

8. Lounging Linda dolly dress - I recently met Linda, who is a very talented and lovely lady from London that designs the most exquisite doll dresses. She uses the most beautiful fabrics and notions including Liberty fabrics, gold ribbon and feathers to create dolly dresses that are truly magical.

9. Mimsy Bueno bear hat for Blythes - Continuing the Blythe theme, I had to include this beautiful handmade hat by my dear friend Mimsy Bueno. Mimsy is based in France and she hand sews little bear helmets for Blythe dolls made from mohair and love. This particular helmet is my favourite because it reminds me so tremendously of Rene Magritte, who is one of my favourite artists.

10. A rainbow of yarn - This particularly delicious set of 8 hand dyed yarn comes from Etsy. One of my favourite things since learning to crochet and knit is to browse yarns, both online and offline. There is a world of inspiration out there.

11. Donna Wilson - Ever since finding out about Donna Wilson a few weeks ago I have been obsessed with her work. Donna is based in London and designs not only the cutest toys, but also home wares and accessories. I am particularly smitten with these mittens that will undoubtedly add a bit of fun to any winter outfit.

12. Takiyaje toys - There are just too many amazing toy artists out there and Takiyaje is no exception. Not only does she make amazing animal toys complete with tiny outfits, but she also makes human toys as well. She has such a distinctive style that I adore.

And last but not least, an item that is too wonderful for a wishlist....

This Janome Hello Kitty sewing machine! Form meets function in the ultimate expression of cute! Can you imagine making toys and little dolly dresses on this sweet machine?

That is all, I hope you found something here to make you smile! 

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