Friday, 15 November 2013


Hello friends!

I am sorry for how long it has taken me to update this little space. The problem with starting a new blog is that I haven't yet found my feet with what content I upload, and I am also my own biggest critic, so often I did not think something was worthy of putting here.

Above is a picture I took of my Blythe doll at a cafe in Somerset House, which is where my university in London is. I am having an incredible time here, feeling very inspired and happy, which is probably another reason I have not updated here. When real life is incredibly busy and fun, the online life seems to fall behind...

I also had a little moment of crisis when I thought to myself - what exactly is the goal of cuteseum? What am I really hoping to achieve? When I started this blog I thought it would be a great place to reconcile all my different passions - art, craft, dolls, photography, toys etc. However as time has passed I have realised that it is difficult to present a 'coherent' picture of all those topics. My mantra that this blog should "capture art in all its possibilities" made it difficult for myself to distinguish what was interesting or worth writing about.

As you can see, I probably thought way too much about it, but today I have reached a solution, I think.

Cuteseum will be a space where as the name suggests, I "collect the cuter things in life."
What that means will be open to interpretation - it could be art, craft, literature, fashion, all those good things. Basically I will post about things that make my heart happy, and I hope will make you happy too.

I will start a separate tumblr blog to host all my writing about art and life that explore other topics. When (and if) I update these spaces I will post a link here to that content, so in that way this blog is a consolidation of all my pursuits but it also has its own distinct focus.

I feel a lot better when I realised this fact, so I do hope this means I will upload here more!

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