Sunday, 19 January 2014

A perfect Sunday

A perfect Sunday in my book consists of a lazy brunch (more of a lunch, let's be perfectly honest) in the company of sweet friends and cute toys.

My friend Mary handcrafts these adorable posable toys! Aren't they the sweetest? They remind me of Japanese bunka dolls. I love the detail to attention and how each one has an individual expression so full of personality. I own the doll on the far left, named Camille.

My other talented friend Linda is an amazingly talented dolly seamstress who makes tiny pieces of doll couture heaven. One of my favourite things about Linda's designs is her great eye for detail and colour co-ordination. Not only is Linda talented but she is also incredibly kind, gifting us these two dresses today.

If that isn't inspiration for me to start getting crafty I don't know what is!

ETA: I just realised that I included both Linda's dresses and Mary's Camille toys on my wishlist from last year! How happy I am to have fulfilled those wishes! :)

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