Thursday, 16 October 2014

The thin line between passion and obsession

That is how I would describe my infatuation with knitting and crochet lately. I have had a lot more free-time than I anticipated lately, and I have been trying to work on completing some of my outstanding projects and to start some new ones too. Here is a little snapshot of what has been happening in my crafting life lately.

Inspired by the koala made by Sara of 'Girl With a Duck Jumper' from Cleckheaton Aussie Animals book, I recently started knitting a red kangaroo. This is my first time knitting a toy instead of using crochet, so I am learning lots of new skills and techniques. The project calls for 4 balls of yarn, so I anticipate this will be quite a big toy once I am done! Fun fact, I am nearly 100% positive that the pattern I am using is the same that former Australian PM Julia Gillard used when she knitted a kangaroo for the royal baby.

I am finally making more progress for the sister amineko cats I am making for the dear friend of mine. I just need to sew all the bits together (my least favourite bit!) and make some accessories for the cats. These are cats #3 and #4 of all the aminekos I have made so far. 

You can see Amineko #1 and #2 in the pictures above, taken on the day I hosted a crochet workshop at my house. One of the most fun things about craft is doing it with others, so I decided to invite some of my friends over with the idea of teaching everyone a little about amigurumi crochet. I organised a little worktable in the garden filled with some of my favourite craft books, some examples of my own crochet, as well as some supplies I bought for the day from Daiso. I used one of my favourite crochet patterns for this workshop, which was the first toy pattern I ever used. Although no one ended up finishing a Totoro, it was still a fun day and everyone learnt how to crochet! I hope I can host more craft workshops in the future.

As it was my birthday this month, I got treated by my boyfriend and family with some very lovely gifts. As you can see, the theme this year was definitely knitting (with a dash of the piemaker thrown in). I was very excited to receive some lovely new knitting books, as well as my long-coveted interchangeable chiaogoo knitting needles. My Chiaogoo knitting needles, which I originally bought from Loop in London while I was abroad, remain my favourite needles. I can't wait to try out the interchangeable needles. 

The first project where I will try out my new knitting needles will have to be Katie Davies' Peerie Flooers hat. I have been a fan of Kate Davies ever since I discovered Ravelry last year, I simply love her eye for colourwork and detail coupled with her extensive knowledge of knitting tradition and history. I decided that the Peerie Flooers hat could be a good intermediate project for me as I have gained confidence with colour-knitting from my Blythe hats. I would love to make one of her sweater designs one day too, but I will see how I go with this hat first. I was keen to buy the kit to make this hat because I have been keen to try Jamieson & Son yarn, of which I have heard a great deal. I think the colours are wonderful, and I can't wait to get started!

I'll post more pictures once I make some progress with these projects. :)

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