Sunday, 19 October 2014

Amineko BFFs

I was so happy to finally finish up these two crochet Amineko cats. I started this project earlier this year while I was in London, but between graduation, travelling, and movies countries I haven't had a chance to give this project the attention it deserves.

I made these two kitties as presents for my friend's daughters. One of them wanted a light blue kitty, the other a pink one with a skirt. For the yarn I used Drops Alpaca, which is a soft and light 100% alpaca yarn. Even though the yarn is listed as 5-ply/sport weight, when I used it with a 2.0mm hook it came out much tighter and smaller, and the cats are the smallest I have made to date. 

I used the very popular Amineko cat pattern by Nekoyama, with some slight variations. Firstly, I made the smaller pink cat slightly smaller, and I also added a white skirt. In order to make the skirt, I crocheted through the back loop only for one row of the body, which allowed me to join the skirt yarn to the visible front loops that remained. I learnt about this technique when I made these amigurumi wedding dolls for my friend's wedding earlier this year. The scallop edging on the skirt is also adapted from the same pattern

I am really happy with how the cats turned out, and I hope that they will be much loved in their new home!

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Syed said...

These are absolutely adorable!