Monday, 16 June 2014

Tuesday 17 June Etsy update

Hello everyone! I am so happy to announce that tomorrow on Tuesday the 17th June I will be having a little shop update in my Etsy. I will be listing some previous designs and new colour ways, as well as launching my new range of polka dot hats which I am very excited about! Some of these hats pictured here are already spoken for or trades, since I do take reservations and custom orders, so if you have your eye on something please do message me on Etsy and I will try to accomodate. I also hope to list some made-to-order listings that might take me an additional 1-2 weeks to make.

I had a lot of fun making these hats this time round. I also learnt how to use magic loop in the last two months, so all of these hats were made using this method. You might also notice that the pom poms are bigger than my last range of hats, as I am using more yarn to make them even fluffier. I hope you like this change! I am always trying to improve my knitting skills. 

Here is a picture of just the three polka dots designs I have made so far. I intend to make more in other colour ways, including a pastel range and a neon range. I am so happy with this polka dot pattern, which I wrote in my 23 hour flight back home to Australia in April. All these hats are made with 100% wool yarn, and they are extra snuggly and warm for your discerning dolls, hehe. The red polka dot hat was inspired by a comment on my flickr, which inspired me to make the 'mushroom' themed hat. It is also made from gorgeous Rowan Felted Tweed, which I love for colour work. I intend to get more colours of Rowan Tweed so keep an eye on this space.

These three Neon Cupcake hats are all spoken for, but I will probably list some made-to-order ones in my shop. This is a very popular colour way, and I do love the bright pink pom. Two of these are going towards trades with Blythe friends, which I am very excited about.

The Neon Cupcake are part of my ongoing scallop/cupcake range. I developed this pattern after finding some similar scallop style hats on Ravelry, and wrote this pattern with smaller scallops in mind to fit Blythe dolls. One day I intend to make a range of matching human & blythe scallop beanies.

I am also excited to launch a new range of basic knitted hats (from an adapted xoxoblythe pattern), made from 100% Australian Alpaca wool in the most gorgeous and soft minty tones. I only got one ball of each colour when I was in Sydney, but I do intend to get more!

I think the pastel basic hats are a nice contrast to my set of neon hats, which are inspired in particular by my colourful Blythe doll named Wren (the pink haired one in the pictures above). As you can probably guess from both sets though, my favourite colour combo is pink and mint.

I hope you like them!

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