Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Kinderland hat update

Who ever said stress can't be productive? Over the last two months, while I have been writing up, and rewriting, and rewriting, my final Masters dissertation, I have also been knitting lots of hats for Blythe dolls. I hand in my dissertation this Thursday, and I plan to have an update early next week in my Etsy shop. I will have a range of basic knitted hats, in a new pastel alpaca (!!) colour way, as well as some more cupcake hats, and finally, I will be debuting a new range of polka dot hats! I designed the pattern for the original polka dot hat on the 23 hour plane trip back to Australia, and I am pretty happy with it. The alpaca yarn is from a lovely alpaca shop I visited in Sydney as well, so you could say this range is inspired very much by my trip back home. :-)

These hats aren't complete yet because I need to make pom poms and weave in all the ends (my least favourite bit of crafting, seriously). I'll take individual pictures of them next week too! I hope you like them!!

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