Thursday, 27 August 2015

Trying something new

After making more than 20 Blythe hats in the last month for my Etsy shop I decided to take a break by trying my hand at some new patterns.

First up, I was inspired by this knitted children's pinafore I saw, which looks to be based on a vintage pattern. Having no access to the pattern myself, I thought I might try my hand at designing a Blythe-sized one from scratch!

It was my first time knitting on such a small scale, using 2.00 mm needles and Jamieson 2ply yarn. I actually didn't have any yarn on hand so when inspiration hit I ended up using yarns from my Kate Davies Peerie Flooers kit! Blasphemy I know, using project-specific yarn for something else, but I have since re-ordered the yarn I used (plus some).

It took a couple of trial and errors, but I think I'm mostly happy with how it turned out! My pal Aveline gave me some snaps and tiny buttons on very short notice so I could finish it up quickly. My head is full of ideas for other colour work designs and patterns, so I look forward to making more, perhaps also for my shop?

The other new project I tried was knitting a Blythe raglan sweater, based on a popular pattern from Ravelry. I followed other knitter's suggestions of casting on 32 stitches, and made a basic striped version (again using Jamieson yarn)                                                                     

My boyfriend always asks me why I love taking photos of things held in my hand so much - but the answer is simple really! It gives a sense of small to miniature things, and given how much I love toys and miniatures it really is my preferred way to photograph these items. 

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