Friday, 3 October 2014

a glimpse into the cute (and nerdy) life

My boyfriend and I are moving houses soon! Although I will be sad to leave, as leaving always is, I will be glad to have more room for my growing collection of toys and cute things. Before I pack everything up I wanted to share some pictures I took of our shared collection. Pictured above are a few of my Blythe dolls, along with some of my Catrabbit plush and some of my earlier crochet toys. I got the greenhouse from IKEA intending to use it for plants, but typical me has filled it with cute stuff instead! I think it looks pretty good like this though, what do you think?

My boyfriend and I share a beloved collection of Nendoroid figures, some of which we have displayed on the mantle piece. Pictured above are just some of our little toys, featuring characters from some of our favourite anime and video games. I never thought I would be a figure collector so late in the game but go figure. If you are a figure collector as well you can add me as a friend over at I share an account with my boyfriend.

I am looking forward to decorating our new place and having a new display for everything! I'll be sure to share pics when I do.

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Jane said...

A+ use of that greenhouse! It's perfect!