Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Kinderland Hat Give-Away! (ENDED)

Hello everyone!

I am working hard on a new range of sherbet and ice-cream inspired hats for a future Etsy update, but before I do I wanted to complete some of my current projects using the last of my favourite Debbie Bliss yarn. I absolute love these yarns and the colours, and they knit up to create cozy, wonderful and wooly hats. I haven't found an Australian stockist for these yarns yet, so I will have to order them online in the future. I don't know when that will be, so this is a great chance for you to grab one of these hats that is ready to ship!

As you might have noticed, I like to give all of knitted hats names. For example, the hat on the left pictured above is named "Baby Bubblegum", while the hat in the middle is named "Colour Me Polkadots" (which I just added to my Etsy shop!) The hat I have on the far right is a new colour combination to me, and as yet, it is unnamed. The colours I used were a variation on one of my most popular designs "Cloudy Dreams."

Today I am offering up this hat as a giveaway to one lucky winner! All you have to do is help me name the hat! Please leave a comment on this post by Sunday the 14th September, 9:00 PM Melbourne Time, and be sure to leave your email address or username on flickr so I know how to contact you. You can make multiple entries, if you have more than one hat name idea.

Thanks to everyone for their continued support over my hand-knitted hats. When I started I did not think anyone would want one, so I am constantly flattered when people express their interest. This giveaway is my way of saying thanks for the support!

Good luck!

Updated 14 September

Thanks to everyone who has entered, there were so many sweet (and delicious!) name suggestions I really enjoyed reading through all of them. The winner of this giveaway is jeds123 with her suggestion of "Coconut Ice." For those of you who don't know, coconut ice is a sweet treat made from sugar and coconut, and it looks something like this (picture borrowed from Taste.com.au).

Once Mandy suggested it, I thought it was so perfect given the pink and white colours of the hat.  I'll be in touch shortly Mandy to post the hat to you. 

Thank you to everyone else who entered. It was lots of fun, so I will do more giveaways in the future!


PlasticFashion said...

Eeep hope I win. Love your hats. plasticfashiondoll@gmail.com

J.E.W.E.L.S said...

I would name it bubblegum bliss✨

My flickr is bubblegumponys :)

Cassy Gilbert said...

Pastel Sundae
Berry Merry
Hi Sophia, it's Cassy : ) thelittlewhitecloud@rocketmail.com

Christine Hammock said...

Oooh! Hi lovely! Your hats always remind me of the board game Candyland... so that's my pick.

MrsFrostings said...

Frosted delight
:-) lovely hats! Can't wait to see what name you choose!
(Uniquedoll on flickr)

Treehugger_31 said...

Lovely hats! I would name it Purple Paradise! hroy_76@yahoo.com

sad loved girl said...

I love your sweet hats! What about raspberry sorbet bliss? I'm : dollieslovedresses@gmail.com

Heidi Corley Barto said...

So cute!!
My 3 name choices are,
Berries 'n Cream
Sugar Berries
Petit Four

Johnathon said...

Your hats are awesome. I've got two names for you:

Lazy Daydream
Strawberry Breeze

I'm alain l'étranger on flickr.

Peggy Chang said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Peggy Chang said...

I love the soft colors of your hats!

I am not the best when it comes to giving names but will give it a try:
Strawberry Delight
Cranberry Sorbet
Blueberry Surprise

I am Pei78 on Flickr (I deleted my previous comment because I forgot to put in the 3rd choice :P)

Jennifer Abe said...

I love your hats Sophia!

The name that popped into my head is Berry Fizz Pop! It makes me think of an English sweet that Fiona's in San Francisco would have carried. :)


Anonymous said...

Hello Sophia! What beautyful hats you make! I am not very good in finding names fo anything, even my own blytheclothes I am making. They are always a bit too long... liken "sunday cupake dress" or "costume that Poppet in "The Nightcircus" would wear. And stuff like this. Bit special things need special names...

I saw this hat and thought: Strawberry Vanilla Madness

You can visit me on flickr, my name is Nanette Noisette

Jeds123 said...

Sophia. Love your hats!!!

How about Coconut Ice?

Mandy (jeds123)

To the Moon said...

Beautiful hats and such lovely colours. My name choice would be Sweet Candy Mountain.
email is kilbreath@rogers.com

Anonymous said...

Poom Poom Moo!

That's the name for your new hat.
Best of knitting luck Sops ;)

Long time no see.
While reading your post on fb about the unreasonable buyer, I recalled that I too, was bitten badly by paypal/aus post, who had lost several of my parcels.
It was a nightmare, as it was an inside job with aus post, and PayPal ruled in favor of the buyers, and I lost both the outfits and shipping costs. I stopped selling my dolly couture since then, and only ship by registered post at buyer's expense. It was a horrible situation and I can feel your pains.
Good luck at resolving those issues, hopefully with less heartaches and more peace.

Ms G

Michelle K said...

Gorgeous hats! <3

My suggestions are

Vanilla berry sundae
Unicorn dream
Snowberry surprise


Naomi Abel said...

Thanks for the competition. I always name my dresses and dolls it's fun! I like the name "berry cream puff". It's very nice BTW. On flickr I am gardsabs007. Thank you

Kimberly said...

Lavender Dream is my name choice:)
Great work on your hats!

Manderz said...

Bubblegum bliss
Berry sorbet
Frosted gumdrops

Good luck!! These are beautiful.

Flickr- manderzrn

Cristina said...

Iced fragole

Thank you!

PlasticFashion said...

How about berry delicious?

Supernenek said...

Berrylicious Pom-Pom

Thanks, Sophia!
xx Supernenek

JennyTheArtist said...

Sweet 'n' Low



(*tee hee*)

Flickr: valentinewestphal

puppy52doll said...

Hmmm looks like my comment didn't show up, my email is puppy52(at)gmail, my suggestion for name is pastel marshmallow :D

Ashley Dawn said...

So cute! I love your hats.

Here are my name ideas:

cotton candy
cotton candy marshmallow
cotton candy puff
cotton meet candy
hubba bubble gum
pink powder puff

I guess the colors really remind me of cotton candy.. haha. :)


Angela Robinson said...

I love your beautifully made hats, so cute!
My idea wod be 'Pastel Parfait' as they remind me so much of the dessert!
Angela x

Anonymous said...

I would call it "Sherbert Bomb"
So gorgeous, love your work.
In case I am lucky enough to win my
email is tricialmorgan@gmail.com

puffypoogle said...

Berry creme brulee meribethadams at earthlink.net but replace at with the symbol. Hope I win! Adorable hats!

Mineko Jägerin said...

Berry dream maccaron

I love your work! ^^


Curlygirly80 said...

Such cute hats! My suggestion is:

Bouncing blueberry

Flickr is curlygirly80

blablette said...

I'd call it pink deelite! ^_^
Your hats are so wonderful!!!
(I'm blablette1 on flickr)
Thanks for the giveaway!