Saturday, 30 August 2014

Amigurumi Totoro

One of my absolute favourite amigurumi patterns is Lucy Ravenscar's totoros. In fact, her pattern was what I used to teach myself amigurumi last year. For my best friend's birthday this month I whipped up a dark blue/navy Totoro, and my mother stitched up a little carry pouch for it from some scrap Liberty fabric I had.

My favourite detail of this pattern is the little round tail, I just think it's soooo cute! You can also use this pattern to make a simple white totoro, without the arms or the stomach piece.

Making my third totoro from this pattern has inspired me to make a whole rainbow of small Totoros! I can imagine pink ones, orange ones, green ones, red ones, brown ones, etc etc. Of course this is not very accurate to the film, but how cute would a whole rainbow of them on a mantle piece look?

I am going to host a little workshop in October with a couple of friends, where I plan to teach the basics of crochet and amigurumi toy-making by using Lucy's Totoro pattern. Given that this was the first amigurumi pattern I used, I am hoping it can also help others to learn crochet as well!

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