Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Last few weeks...

Phew... time has really gotten away from me in the last month! My time in London is drawing to a close, I am due to graduate in July (assuming it's all smooth sailing with my dissertation), and I have been very very very busy! Here are some things that happened recently.

I was invited by the lovely and very talented Lu Flux to the Selvedge Spring fair. I had come across Lu's fun and whimsical fashion designs while looking up animal themed clothes (my not-so-secret obsession), and fell completely in love with her Boo Boo Bear dresses.

I was thrilled to not only get one these wonderful dresses, but also to meet the lady behind the brand too. It was great to talk about all things fashion and textiles with Lu. I really love Lu's aesthetic and approach to fashion, which merges some of my favourite craft techniques like knitting and patchwork with really fun and unique construction and styles. If you aren't yet familiar with her work I suggest you look her up! She also makes bespoke items and I already decided to commission my future wedding dress from her, hehehe. (No, I am not engaged, but a girl needs to think about these things)

The craft fair was a lot of fun, and I even made a new friend too! We bonded over our mutual love of bear dresses and cute things. A picture of us wearing the matching bear dresses can be found on Lu's webpage.

I went back to Australia in April for a quick trip to attend my friend's wedding in Canberra. I decided to make them some crochet wedding dolls. My mother helped me make them, and I am really happy with how they turned out. I hope my friends liked them! I used Drops Alpaca yarn, and I modified a pattern from Ravelry. Another friend of mine just got engaged, so I better start making my next dolls!

I was so happy to be able to purchase a special 30 cm tall Sylvanian Families bunny from my work place. These special display figures are pretty hard to come by, and I will treasure mine forever! Not only as a toy collector but also as a special keepsake from my time working at the best toy shop in London. The bunny also comes with a christmas themed outfit ^-^

In knitting news, I have been learning how to do stranded colour work - or fair isle - recently. I followed a Japanese knitting chart from Dolly Dolly 27. Once I finish the hat I will post more photos here, and about my process too. I am excited about the possibility to knit more complex designs!

I also recently learnt magic loop circular knitting, and I think I may never go back to DPNs again. The ease with which it knits up, and how transportable it is, makes it such a great technique. For my next shop Etsy shop update, which is planned for June, my hats will be knitted with magic loop. 

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