Monday, 3 February 2014

Blythe scallop hat knitting (+pattern)

It didn't take me long since my last post to become obsessed with knitting Blythe hats in the round. I went shopping for some yarn, and got some beautiful Debbie Bliss Blue Faced Leicester DK yarn. I combined the basic knitted pattern I used previously with a scallop pattern by Maria Carlander for this result, as modelled by my Blythe doll Ryo.

I cast on 64 stitches, and was able to make a total of 8 scallops with this design. I did a basic 2x2 ribbing for 3 rows before doing the colour work. I then did 10 rows of stockinette before decreasing. At the end, I topped up the whole hat with a fluffy pom pom!

I quickly became addicted to these hats and made another one in blues. A friend of mine told me it looked like the Ice King from Adventure Time, and I have to agree with her! I was really happy with the end result, and I hope you like them too!

I then decided to design my own pattern in order to make smaller scallops. I thought perhaps the smaller scale would work better with Blythe designs. After some fiddling around in my advanced knitting software (Microsoft Word :P), I came up with a smaller scallop design across 6 stitches. 

I modified the basic hat pattern I was using in order to accomodate 12 of the scallops. I cast a total of 18 stitches over 4 DPNs for a total of 72 stitches. Once again I did a basic 2x2 ribbing for 3 rows, then made the colour work. I then did a basic stockinette for 9 rows before doing a decrease as normal.

Please excuse the bad iPhone picture but here is a photo of the result, as modelled by my Blythe Skate Date. 

I really love the smaller scallops, and this design also makes the whole hat look like an ice cream or cupcake! I think for my next hat I will invert the pattern so the scallops point down instead of up, to emphasise this cupcake motif. I am also thinking if I buy some beads or scallops, as inspired by this Cupcake Garland by Twinkie Chan, and embellish them in a similar manner I can create a more sweet hat design. And perhaps if I make red pompoms they could appear like the "cherry on top." What do you think?

At this stage I think I will keep on perfecting this design, and make a number of both "cupcake" hats as well as normal scallop hats. Once I am confident in my quality and design I might make some for sale in my long neglected Etsy shop

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